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Order Honours to members of St. John Uganda

1938. Hon. W. H.  Kauntze, C.M.G, MBE, Commander from Office brother
  Dr. John P. Mitchell, O.B.E Officer Brother from Serving officer
  Dr. R.Y. Stones, O.B.E Officer Brother from Serving officer
  Captain E. G. Fish Officer Brother from Serving officer.
  Hon. H.R Hone , M.C, K.C Officer  Brother
  E.A Temple - Perkins, Esq.   Officer Brother
1960 Dr. Daly Serving Officer
  Dr. Kasirye Serving Officer
  Dr.Ahmed Muktar  Serving Officer
2006 Prof. Gordon Wavamuno Officer Brother
2010 Rabi Mulondo Officer brother
  Mrs. Jessie Walusimbi Officer Sister
  Dr. Adam  Kimala Serving Brother
  Mr. Talwana Augustine Serving Brother
  Mr. Mbaziira Khalid Serving Brother
  Mr. Obura Sev Serving Brother
2011 Rt. Rev Bishop W. Mutebi Commander Brother
  Mrs. Christine Nandyose Kasirye Officer Sister
  Mr. George William Katatumba Serving Brother
2012 Prof. Gordon Wavamunno Night of Justice from Officer Brother