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Membership of the St. John Ambulance may be conferred on individuals who have acted conspicuously in a manner which furthers the objectives and purposes of St. John Ambulance as laid in its constitution.

Members may be promoted to a higher grade dependent on their ongoing contribution basing on several factors including, a dedicated service, successful leadership and the potential for future leadership or administration.

How to join us

Any person in Uganda is welcome and free to join and become a member of St. John Ambulance.

Membership of St. John Ambulance is open to any person.

By contacting us through social media or telephone, you are one step ahead of joining the worldwide St. John family.  Unlike other volunteer programmes, St. John Ambulance facilitate you with a sequence of trainings , to help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to perform the  role of A first Aider or even progress to advanced roles such as Ambulance Attendants, Patient Transport Attendants (PTAs), Emergency Transport Attendants (ETAs) and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

St. John Ambulance will also provide you with an opportunity to train in other courses such as Home Based Nursing, which is highly recommended for caregivers and family members.

As a volunteer, after completing a basic first aid course, you will receive weekly training at your local divisions. Find more at: (  As you begin to become more competent and once you have gained experience you will be given the opportunity to attend events including community, sporting, festival and concerts. We ensure that you are always placed with experienced members when providing our services. 

As you progress in St. John Ambulance, you will have the opportunity to attend specialised courses including Manual Handling, Cardiac First Responder, Emergency First Responder, and Emergency Medical Technician.   You will be trained to deal with everything from treating a minor scrape to attempting to bring someone back to life using a defibrillator.  You will also have the opportunity to become an instructor, meaning you will get to teach members new skills.

Volunteering in St. John Ambulance is a lifelong learning experience.  We always ensure that our members are trained in the most recent first aid techniques. This requires a commitment from members to always keep their skills up to date by retraining, re-evaluation and by attending internal courses.

Professional volunteering.

However, there is room for professional volunteering in the fields of Nursing and Midwifery, Human resource, Social work among others. This is designed to provide fresh graduates with an opportunity to develop and appreciate their careers with St. John Ambulance. This programme has so far mentored professionals in the field of Communication and Marketing, Information Technology, Nursing& Midwifery among others.