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First Aid Kits

Home First aid kit

This is a well stocked kit that will help you handle emergencies at home.
 home first aid kik

Workplace first aid kits

St John offers a wide range of Workplace First Aid kits and products to meet the needs of your company, Institution and business. We know your safety department equally values safety at the workplace and we are always ready to provide a solution to your safety problems.  

Passenger Carrying Vehicle Kit

This modern first aid kit is carried in a vehicle and contains essentials you need to handle emergencies in a car environment to help you to save lives of passengers travelling with you. It is recommendable that every vehicle should carry a first aid kit with dedicated personnels who can properly use the kit.


Sports First Aid Kit

The sports first aid kit is designed to serve at sports events giving you aide to make use of the first aid knowledge and skills you have to save the lives of sports men and women and fans in a sports environment.