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Ambulance Courses

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) course provides basic and advanced life support to patients in the pre-hospital emergency setting. This course equip candidates with the skills to perform essential medical procedures to save a patient's life including patient assessment , first aid, vital tests and stabilizing a patient during transport to hospital.

Emergency Transport Attendant (ETA)

This covers the competencies needed to provide accident and emergency care inside and outside of an ambulance. It is an advanced emergency care course with a rigorous examination at the end, and in addition to the time commitment for formal instruction, candidates should expect to put in extra practice time. Experience of giving First Aid for real is essential, and the duty hours requirement should be seen as a minimum.

Patient Transport Attendant (PTA)

The PTA course is a mixture of theory and practical elements and enables candidates to combine all skills that have previously been gained in the pre-requiste courses of Basic and Advanced First aid levels, in addition the utilisation of ambulance equipment, patient assessment and history taking skills, common respiratory complaints, Mental Health Infection Control, etc.

Ambulance Driver

As an internationally  recognised ambulance  provider  with an experience of over 80 years , St John Uganda offers  Ambulance drivers