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Our Services

Mother and Baby (Mama na Mwana)

St John Uganda is running a maternal and child health programme to tackle high maternal and neonatal mortality rates.

Ambulance Safety Inspection

St John Ambulance Uganda basing on its undisputable experience of over 80 years in the management & operation of ambulances believes ambulance safety is tantamount to the safety of the patient and the ambulance crew on board.

Road Safety

We sensitize the public on proper road use and above all we conduct training to the road users on road safety tips and first aid on the road in case of accident emergency. We are currently aiming to continue training more Traffic Officers, Bodaboda riders and taxi drivers through their governing bodies.

Home Nursing Care

There is great need for caregivers to offer this service to the needy especially those afflicted by the AIDS pandemic. St John Uganda has trained staff and volunteer members as instructors of home based care who in turn train community members as caregivers to minister these services to the needy of society. We have targeted HIV and AIDS infected people care homes, bedside service providers, hospital nurses, elderly homes, babies

Dental Outreach Programme

Dental infections have been a serious problem in Uganda for many years.


Many Ugandans have fallen prey to this outrageous infection exposing them to intense pain and consequently rendering them helpless. St.John Uganda in partnership with Mulago Dental School takes the initiative to reach out to these patients in their homes through provision of dental sensitization and care.


HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing services.

St John Uganda provides HIV/AIDS testing and counseling services to the citizens of Uganda through St.John volunteers. Voluntary Counselling and testing is a routine part of the health care, such as in antenatal clinics, at diagnosis and treatment centres for tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections of St John Uganda. Over 700 people benefit from our outreach VCT services every day.

Community Home Based Care

At the community level, St John Uganda remains the epitome of a traditional voluntary Non Governmental Organisation with an impregnable record in providing quality community Home Based Care and training - sparing the needy from the ordeal of walking long distances to health centers even for minor sicknesses. In rural communities, the need for Community Home Based Care (HBC) is exacerbated by the worsening income levels that impede communities from accessing medical services and yet they are more vulnerable to diseases.

Ambulance Services

We have 4 ambulances in Kampala, which deliver a vital life saving service to our citizens. Our ambulance technicians have trained to international standards and we continue updating their skills through refresher courses provided by our partners -St. John Ambulance England. We are offering 24-hour ambulance services in the country something that has labeled us

First Aid Training

Our core service is to provide First aid training and care. We have highly skilled and qualified trainers who provide quality training to commercial enterprises as well as charity trainings to communities. In a period of less than 10 years, we trained over 20,000 people country wide and the figure is expected to proliferate over the years. Our First training in our divisions have been very beneficial to all communities and we are able to mobilise our members whenever need arises.