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Community Home Based Care

At the community level, St John Uganda remains the epitome of a traditional voluntary Non Governmental Organisation with an impregnable record in providing quality community Home Based Care and training - sparing the needy from the ordeal of walking long distances to health centers even for minor sicknesses. In rural communities, the need for Community Home Based Care (HBC) is exacerbated by the worsening income levels that impede communities from accessing medical services and yet they are more vulnerable to diseases.

We have already tasted the fruits of the home Based care project in all the areas we have worked in - as many rural people now are able to save lives. Women remain a priority for our HBC projects owing to their full time commitments to their homes. Female Beneficiaries of our Home based care training have always been pivotal in the transformation of their homes through imparting the knowledge and skills acquired to others family members. 

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