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St. John Uganda is managed and run by the following constituent organs;

  • The Patron of the Association should be His Excellence the President of Uganda. 
  • The Council which is the governing body of the Association. It is constituted of people appointed in accordance with the constitution of St. John.
  • The Council operates through four technical committees which are the Medical and welfare committee, The Finance and General purposes committee, The planning and development committee and the Honours and awards committee. Committee members are selected by the Council to perform specific functions on behalf of the Council.
  • A maximum of 4 Trustees are appointed by the Council and are responsible for all immovable property of the Association
  • The General assembly which constitutes all members of St. John.
  • The St. John ambulance which is the voluntary wing of the Association headed by the Commander, assisted by the Chief commissioner and other officials in the various ranks.
  • The Secretariat. The day to day activities of St. John Uganda are coordinated by a Secretariat headed by the National Executive Secretary with other support staff and volunteers who implement the Council resolutions and the routine activities of the organisation.

Officers at the Secretariat

  • The National Executive Secretary works under the direct supervision of the Council and acts as the custodian of all property of St. John on behalf of the trustees. He or she is the principal correspondent, representative of the organisation in public, partner organisation, government, etc and is responsible for the strategic planning of the measures for strengthening the activities of the organisation. 

    He/ She supervises the daily activities of the secretariat as well  as acting as the honorary Secretary to the St. John Council and the Council Committee in which capacity he or she endorses association and volunteer activities on behalf of the Council.

  • The Administrator. The Administrator reports and works under the direct supervision of the National Executive Secretary. He / She ensures smooth day to day running of St. John and is responsible for all staff at the secretariat in terms of staff discipline, support supervision, performance evaluation and appraisal, staff welfare and motivation, internal communication and feedback. The administrator works hand in hand with the National Executive Secretary to maintain and build an efficient working system with all volunteer members in expanding and ensuring accessibility of the Order of St. John services to humanity.

  • The Accountant. The Accountant reports and works under the direct supervision of the National Executive Secretary. The responsibility of the accountant is to maintain appropriate books of accounts and prepare annual reports within the professional accounting standards. He/ she therefore has to fulfill all financial procedures and reporting systems required by funding agencies. The accountant is supported by an accounts clerk, who in addition to the accounts duties provides secretarial services to the secretariat.

  • Program Officer who assists with the implementation and monitoring of St. John Uganda’s programs. He/she also oversees communication and lays strategies of promoting a positive image of St John Uganda through incessant interaction with the public through the website, the press, social networks such as face book, twitter, blogs and other channels of communication. The program officer coordinates / links the Secretariat to the divisions and develops programs for various activities e.g Training and ambulance schedules. The Program Officer systematically builds rapport with St. John stakeholders and helps putting St John activities in the lime light. 

The Secretariat has two major departments as follows:

Ambulance department

The department operates four fully equipped standby ambulances and is part of the Emergency System management in Uganda. The department responds to all forms of emergencies on a 24 hour basis. Road accidents, transporting the sick to referral hospitals, and provision of ambulance services during public gatherings are some of the daily activities supported by the ambulance.  The department is comprised of professional Ambulance Drivers, Emergency Medical Technicians and First aiders.

Emergency line: +256414230671

Training department.

First aid training in Uganda dates back to 1934, when Dr. John .P. Mitchell (the then medical superintendent of Mulago hospital) volunteered to train the pioneer group of three Africans at Mulago hospital. From that time, First aid has been continuously appreciated and now our trainers have so far trained over 20,000 people in a period of ten years (2001 – 2011).

All our trainers underwent a Trainer of trainers course in South Africa. Click here to view our courses

Tel: +256414230671



Presidents of St. John Uganda

Period Name Level of activity
1930 - 1932 Sir William Frederick Gower Active
1932 - 1935 Sir Bernard Henry Bourdillon Active
1935 - 1940 Sir Philip Euen Mitchell Active
1940 - 1945 H.E Sir Charles Dundas, K.C.M.G, O.B.E Active
1945 - 1950 H.E Sir John Harthorn Hall, G.C.M.G, D.S.O, O.B.E, MC Active
1952 - 1957 H.E Sir Andrew Cohen Active
1958 - 1961 H.E Sir Frederick Crawford Active
1961 - 1963 H. E Walter Fleming Coutts Active
1963 - 1966 H.E Sir Edward Muteesa II Active
1966 - 1971 Dr Apollo Milton Obote I Active
1971 - 1979 Dr Idi Amin Dada Not active
1980 - 1985 Dr.Apollo Milton Obote II Not active
1986 - Up to date Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Not active
Executive committee (1942 – 1958).
Period Name
1942 - 1943 Dr. John .P Mitchell
1943 - 1944 Hon. A. H. Cox
1944 - 1945 Hon .E. Temple Perkins
1945 - 1946 Hon. E. Dauncey Tongue
1947 - 1948 Mr. C. V. Curtis
1948 - 1949 Mr. C. M. A, Gayer
1949 - 1950 Mr. J. A. Addington
1950 - 1951 Dr. R. S. F. Hennessey
1951 - 1952 Mr. Daulat Ram, M.B.E
1952 - 1953 Mr. A.N Law, C.M.G, M.C
1953 - 1954 Mr. N.A. Caunce
1954 - 1958 Mr. B. K. S. Verjee
Period  Name
1958 - 1963            Sir John Griffin
1963 - 1970            Serwano Wofunira Kulubya
1970 - 1974            R. S. Muwanga
1974 - 1979             Brig (Dr.) G. N. Bogere
1979 - 1992            Rev (Dr.) George. M. Kityo
1992 - 2003             J. W. M Kiryabwire 
2003 - 2005            Prof. Francis  Omaswa
2005 - To date      Prof. Gordon Wavamuno 
Period Name
1960 - 1962 Major E.Reeves
1962 - –1963 Mr. C.R Pilbeam
1963 - 1965       Mr. David Aguda
1965 - 1993 Mr. John Kintu
1993 - 2002 Mr. Yokana Daudi Okot – Omara
2002 - 2005 Mr. Edward Zozimo
2005 - To date Mrs. Christine Nandyose Kasirye